Why you should have a solo dance party every day

Dancing is a popular way to have fun. You can go dancing with friends or you can do it alone in your house. All you need is music and you’re good to go. If you’re not used to dancing or any good at it, doing it along others can be a bit challenging. It’s okay to be at the lowest level while everyone else is pulling the best moves, since they all started where you are. But if you find it hard, you can work on your moves alone before going out in public.  Below, we’ll look at reasons why you should have a solo dance party every day.

It’s fun

Learning new dance moves can be exciting. Once you start getting the hang of them, you get a sense of fulfillment and find the desire to keep going. You can find many dance tutorials online, right from beginner videos to more complicated ones. Rewind that music as many times as you want until you get everything right. After all, you’re your own audience, and you don’t have to be self conscious. This gives you the ability to concentrate on your moves.

Why you should have a solo dance party every day

It’s exercise

You can burn a lot of calories from dancing. If you’re looking to keep fit and manage your weight, dancing is an activity that will prove beneficial for you. If you’re reluctant about joining the gym or can’t seem to get started on some sort of work out routine, dancing can be a good way to get what you want. So, blast that music and sweat your way to fitness in your own room.

It’s good for your well-being

Like all physical exercise, dancing is good for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Physically, it improves heart and lung health, along with strengthening your bones. It also helps with circulation and promotes balance and coordination.

Dancing helps sharpen mental abilities such as memorization and leads to increased mental activity due to increased circulation. Studies have shown that dancing is one of the physical activities that can make you smarter.

When you’re busy concentrating on your dance steps and moves, it’s hard to focus on all the negative things that you might be going through. This, along with the fact that dancing leads to the release of endorphins which are feel-good hormones, leaves you with lifted moods and better emotional stability. It’s a perfect way to battle stress and anxiety.

It’s a safe emotional outlet

When emotions become overwhelming, people seek new ways to deal with them. Most often than not, people end up resorting to destructive solutions. Dancing can be a great way to let out pent up emotions and energy without hurting yourself or anyone else. It’s a form of creative outlet that allows you to deal with what you’re feeling and come out feeling better and stronger.

Why you should have a solo dance party every day

It boosts your confidence

Getting something right is always a great feeling, and makes you believe that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Build on that confidence by learning a new dance move every day and keep feeling great.

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