Why it feels so good to sing in your car

Singing in the car is such a great feeling, and we’re all guilty of doing it when we get the chance. It’s our opportunity to be the star of our very own show, but did you know there are actually some health benefits to singing in the car? Psychologists have examined why singing in the car makes us feel so good, and what the benefits are during a little automotive karaoke session.

Beautiful young blond woman driving a car

Feel-good hormones

One thing that singing in the car can do for you is to produce the feel-good hormones known as oxytocin. It’s the same feeling you get inside when you hug someone or are in the beginnings of a new relationship.

Singing along to your favorite tunes in the car at the top of your lungs can actually make you feel happier from the inside out. Studies have shown that even just thinking about singing your favorite song can instantly improve your mood, let alone when you actually sign it.

Singing in a group

You don’t just have to be singing alone to enjoy the mental benefits, and it’s just as effective if you sing with a full car. A study in 2017 discovered that members of a choir felt an increased feeling of wellbeing when they were a part of a singing group. Singing as a group helps to create cognitive stimulation and social connection. So if it feels good when you’re on a road trip and singing out loud, let the party continue.

Riding solo

Driving alone and often can have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing. People who drive long hours and alone can often be prone to feelings of depression, but singing while driving can help fight off those negative thoughts. Singing alone can be like a form of meditation and Connie Omari, a licensed counselor, says she even recommends it to her patients. It can be just as effective s yoga or meditation to help quieten a racing mind.

Why it feels so good to sing in your car

Say goodbye to road rage

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in the zone singing along to your favorite tunes, the world seems like a better place? Kristen Fuller, a health writer for the Center for Discovery, says the dopamine released when singing can help fight frustration when stuck in traffic.

People who spend a lot of their commute in traffic are recommended to start singing out loud to reduce the anger that can build up inside. If you’re in a happier mood, you’re less likely to get involved in any road rage and you’ll drive in a friendlier manner. Did someone just cut into your lane? It doesn’t matter because you’re too busy having a great time to care!

It’s a breathing exercise

When people are trying to calm down one of the first things that people recommend they do is take some long deep breaths. Singing in the car basically forces you to do this without even thinking about it. You’re automatically giving yourself some meditation time, and you might not have even realized it. Short breaths increase tension in your body, and it’s something you do when you feel threatened.

Often when driving, you might not even realize you are breathing in this way, but if you sing a lot, then you won’t have to worry about tension. This can immediately make you feel more relaxed, and you can often even feel the calming effects as late as at the end of the day.

When we are in our cars, it’s like our own little bubble that keeps up detached from the rest of the world. Don’t be afraid to turn the music up and start belting out your favorite tunes, it’s actually god for your health.