Animal species we’ve only discovered in the last 10 years

The world is a pretty big place, but there are only so many spots to hide, right? After all, we’ve been on this planet for thousands of years. Surely we must have seen all the animals by now? It appears not as these animal species were only discovered in the last 10 years.

The Nymphister kronaueri beetle

This is no ordinary beetle. No, the Nymphister kronaueri beetle has adapted to look exactly like the abdomen of a specific army ant. They use their mouths to cling onto the ants until the colony stops for a few weeks for a raid. The beetles release their ride and go about their business before latching back onto an ant and moving on to the next area – all without the walking.

Animal species we’ve only discovered in the last 10 years


The Pink Floyd pistol shrimp

It turns out that being in a rock band can see your name go down in history – literally. The scientists who discovered this shrimp were in love with Pink Floyd and wanted to give the band a proper mark on the planet. This crustacean has one oversized pink claw that is powerful enough to make a bubble the equivalent of a tiny sonic boom. This stuns the fish in the surrounding water and gives the shrimp a chance to swoop in and catch their next meal.

The bright blue tarantula

South America has been home to some of the most incredible species over the years, and the bright blue tarantula is no exception. The species was discovered by accident after a scientist looking for other animals in the area shone his flashlight at the spider, and it wasn’t long before they found the truth. The bright blue tarantula was living in a tree stump filled with other spiders of the same species which suggests they may live in communities.

The Pongo tapanuliensis orangutan

Unfortunately, this orangutan is the most endangered great ape of any species in the world. In fact, there are thought to be around 800 of the species living in fragmented homes across Sumatra as deforestation and loss of habitat has taken an incredible toll on the population. Being so few of them in the wild meant the species were only recently discovered. However, they might have been heard as they have the longest call of any species of orangutan.

Animal species we’ve only discovered in the last 10 years

The Vangunu giant rat

No one believed people living on the Solomon Islands when they spoke of rats living in the trees. That was until scientists saw one for themselves. It turns out the Vangunu giant rat can grow up to 1-and-a-half-feet long and weigh over 2 pounds making it four times larger than most of the rats we see in the cities. Their large back feet and tail are perfect for a life in the treetops where their sharp teeth mean they can chew through all kinds of nuts – including coconuts.

It appears as though there is no end to the incredible number of species in this world. Who knew these fascinating creatures had been hiding amongst us all along?