Best movies for dog lovers, ranked

For decades, dogs have been man’s best friend in real life and on the silver screen. Dog’s have a way of capturing our hearts and sneaking their cute button noses right into the center of our family. They listen, never judge, and are always there to give you a laugh when you need it most. And on-screen it is no different. If you love a good heartwarming tale about dogs, these are the best-ranked movies to add to the lineup.

Best movies for dog lovers, ranked

Isle Of Dogs

Isle of Dogs is a masterpiece in itself. It is not very often that our screens are graced with such an artistic flair that is so bizarre it actually works. The movie is set in Japan, 20 years into the future and follows the tale of a young boy who bravely takes it upon himself to rescue his pet from a quarantined island, Isle of Dogs. Set against the backdrop of factories, robots, and of course some government conspiracies, this movie is a captivating animation that captures the true relationship between man and dog. The animation does touch on a few darker points so it isn’t really suitable for younger children, but for the older audience, this film is nothing short of impressive.

Turner & Hooch

Most dog lovers will agree that Turner & Hooch, albeit an older movie, is one that still hits home with its audience. Detective Turner (Tom Hanks) is at a crossroads when the only witness he has to the unsolved case he is working, is a dog named Hooch. Turner must take the Dogue de Bordeaux into his own care to avoid Animal Control from getting involved. Like most puppy love movies, Turner and Hooch become the ultimate crime-solving duo. Turner, the neat and tidy no-nonsense cop and Hooch, the slobbering but totally adorable pooch ties the plot together in a silly, but heartwarming way.


Tim Burton is well known for his obscure and whimsical movies. From the classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Corpse Bride,” and his most recent production, “Dumbo,” Burton is all about lovable animal characters. Frankenweenie hits a nerve when a young boy loses his beloved pup. With a little plot twist on Doctor Victor Frankenstein’s unorthodox experiment, the young boy brings his pet back to life with science. This may be an animation, but the message is just as powerful and leaves a surprising impact, which most won’t be able to watch without a box of tissues near.

Best movies for dog lovers, ranked

A Dog’s Purpose

A cat may have nine lives, but a dog named Bailey has many more. This unique production introduces the concept of reincarnation. The producers sparked the curious idea of our pets being reborn into a new family to serve another purpose. While there are a few more heartbreaking scenes than most other animal-themed movies, it is interesting to see the different relationships each character has with their beloved pet. There is a variety of dog breeds used throughout the film and an outstanding cast to hit the final home run. The ending may be a bit of a sentimental cliche, but it still manages to resonate with its audience in a very touching and personal way. You may need a few more tissues than usual, but this movie is worth it.

These are just a few dog-centered movies that make for a perfect day on the couch with your furry friend.