Jimmy Fallon asks people what #ThereShouldBeALaw for and they deliver

Jimmy Fallon recently asked his followers on Twitter, “what #ThereShouldBeALaw for?” and we were blown away by the suggestions. From the banning of pineapple on pizza, to the definition that Christmas lights cannot be put up before the 1st of December, people were creative, specific, a little petty, and downright hilarious in their replies.

[post_page_title]New law: no more ‘Wow you look so tired'[/post_page_title]

This is just one of those things that we say without thinking, but we should know by now that blurting out stuff without a second thought can lead to trouble. That’s why this person is suggesting #ThereShouldBeALaw that you can’t tell someone they look tired unless they are literally asleep. When we tell people they look tired, we basically mean that they are not looking their best, and no one likes hearing that. It’s slightly insulting and not helpful at all, so what’s the point?

New law: no more ‘Wow you look so tired’

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