Home decor ideas for geeks

Some of us love the minimalist look. However, others want to make sure there is a splash of our personality throughout our homes. Thankfully, these decor ideas for geeks not only help to bring our passions to life, but they also make a house into a home.

Home decor ideas for geeks


Perhaps you love a whole host of fandoms? Maybe you want to find your way around a new world? Whatever the case, making your own signposts can be great for anyone who wants to add a little geek chic to their home. All you need to do is cut out signposts of varying sizes and shapes, paint them different colors, and hang them onto a single post. Then, finish off the look by writing on your favorite fictional places or fandoms and voila! Your work here is done.


Many of us love to add a little greenery to our homes, but why not use this as a chance to bring your favorite characters to life in a whole new way? Pikmin is a Nintendo classic, and now, you can bring Captain Olimar and the Pikmin to life in their very own fantasy land. It doesn’t have to end there. Many characters can enjoy walking through your indoor wonderland. You might have never wanted to experience Jurassic Park in your home, but now could be your chance to keep those dinosaurs contained once and for all.

Wall art

There are so many great ways to add wall art to your home, that it can be hard to know where to start -or stop. Some perfect ways to bring your geek passions to life could be printing out your favorite quotes and pinning them up on the wall. Other ideas could be printing off the houses of Game of Thrones of Harry Potter and framing them up on the wall. If all else fails, then why not add some snaps of your favorite characters in amongst your family photos?

Home decor ideas for geeks

Framed maps

Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. What do they all have in common? They all have maps that play a pretty huge part in the storyline. Most of us have seen the travel maps or the standard world maps, but now we have a new way to make all of our geek dreams come true at once. There are so many maps on the market that can be the perfect tasteful way to bring the maps to life once again. All you need to do is fit them into a frame, and you’ll soon have a brilliant addition for your walls.


Many of us can’t wait to get home and dive under a blanket, especially when the weather gets colder and we enter hibernation mode. The best bit? You can get so many themed blankets that it might not be long before you have a new franchise in every room. From Star Wars blankets to Marvel comforters – it seems as though there’s no end to the choice! If you’re feeling extra creative, then why not try your hand at making your own? A simple eight-bit heart could be the love you need from a blanket.

It appears there are so many home decor ideas for geeks, that it might not be long before every single room is filled with all our favorite franchises. Move over, Ikea, it’s time for our true love to shine through at last!

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