These geeks made the world a better place

We cannot talk of world change and afford to leave out some of the most prolific geeks who had a hand in changing it. These are a bunch of people who are not regularly talked about in the public domain, but will remain to be some of the best inventors that the world ever produced. They managed to make a very big contribution to what technology has become today and their efforts can never go unnoticed.

Their history is documented, because to date, some of their IQ levels remain unchallenged. One can only wonder what such brains would invent today with the kind of advancement in technology that we have today. Some of the names may be strange to you, but that doesn’t mean that just because you never got to hear about them, they didn’t do anything great. Here’s your chance to familiarize with the world’s greatest geeks!

So who exactly are some of these geeks you wonder?

Albert Einstein

This is the greatest scientist that ever existed. You wouldn’t talk of historic geeks and leave him out. He is behind the world’s most popular mass formula equation; E=MC. He won the 1921 Nobel Prize for his physics related inventions.

Geeks who made the world a better place

Ralph H. Baer

If you are a video games enthusiast, you should at least know the person who developed the first ever video game console. Ralph was a television engineer who developed the Brown Box, an invention that would catapult the video games industry to what it is today.

Alan Turing

This geek who is highly regarded as the founder of computer science with his Turing Machine invention. His ideas about artificial intelligence are what created what is today the modern computer algorithm.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

The World Wide Web (www) you know of today was initially invented by this man. His idea was initially to create an interconnected network that researchers would use to share information in hypertext form through the internet. This is the network that later became a global web. He is also attributed to making the first browser and website at CERN where he worked.

Dennis Ritchie

This geek is known for creating the C programming language as well as UNIX OS. The C language is known to be a language that can be coded on any hardware platform. This is the language that Steve Jobs used to propel Apple Company until his demise.

Geeks who made the world a better place

Ray Tomlinson

This is the creator of email. This invention kind of buried the art of letter writing. His initial plan was to make close machines be able to send information to each other. Actually the @ symbol used to tell where a certain user with a particular computer used to be in the building. Today, there is a large number of mail handling protocols.

Michael Hart

This is the man behind electronic books or rather eBooks. It is because of his invention that you can access eBooks about different topics today from the internet.