Unusual food combinations that you didn’t know existed

Some of us know the food that we like and don’t want to venture from our comfort zones. However, others have spent years trying all kinds of different flavors together as we come up with the perfect mixture. While you might think you’ve tried it all, it turns out there are some unusual food combinations that you didn’t know existed.

Vanilla ice cream with soy sauce

Many of us love to smother our ice cream with sauce, but what about if we told you there are some people that like to drizzle soy sauce over their frozen treat? Yup, they claim that the salt of the sauce teamed with the sweet taste of the ice cream is the perfect combination for anyone that likes a blast of flavor.

Unusual food combinations that you didn’t know existed

Fries and honey

This is another dash of sweet and salty only this time it’s in the form of fries and honey. Dipping those crunchy fries into a sticky pot of honey is said to be perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. We still think this sounds more appetizing than dipping them into a milkshake, but who are we to judge?

Oreos and orange juice

Oreos and milk? The perfect combination. Oreos and orange juice?! Umm. However, there might be a hidden treat lying underneath all of this after all. Chocolate and orange are two flavors that have gone together since the beginning of time, and choosing a different drink for your dunking needs could be about to recreate that famous flavor combo. Just make sure you don’t brush your teeth first.

Pizza and Nutella

Many of us could imagine eating a whole pot of Nutella. After all, it’s the wonder spread that has improved most of our lives over the years. While it might seem as though Nutella goes with most things, we never would have put pizza on the list. This is the ultimate way to make a dessert pizza just with less cookie dough and more cheese.

Unusual food combinations that you didn’t know existed

Waffles with cream cheese

This one might be about to become many of our new favorite go-to snacks. Cream cheese is the answer to most problems in life, and adding it onto our waffles could be the perfect answer to a brand new flavor combination. Syrup has treated us kindly all these years, but now it seems as though it could be time for the sauce to move over for a brand new friend instead.

Cheetos with milk

Even reading these two foods together can be enough to see many of us reeling with fear. But should we really knock it before we try it? Cheesy milk isn’t the first thing that we like to imagine, but many people who enjoy a bowl of this stuff say it’s just like cheese-flavored cereal – if you’re into that kind of thing.

While breaking out of our comfort zone could lead to the next best food discovery, we’re not sure that we’ll be jumping on this culinary train anytime soon. However, we can’t judge until we’ve tried them so it might be time to apron up.