The oddest Batman villains of all time

Comic books are a great escape for people who love superheroes, and we’re currently living through a superhero golden age. However, the original concepts for superhero movies will have always come from comic books, making them invaluable as well as remarkable. It’s probably safe to say that comic books can get away with a lot more than the movies can. There are also many foes that have featured in animated TV series. Many Batman foes have made it big, from the Joker to Bane. However, there are some seriously odd foes you probably didn’t know about.

The Condiment King

Well, if you’re ever out of ketchup, then this is your guy, although we’re not sure you’ll be fond of what comes with him. You’ve probably guessed what his great villain power is, and yes, it has something to do with condiments. Essentially, Condiment King projectiles condiments toward people, using some seriously interesting puns to incite hilarity. He’s not one of the best characters with the deepest storyline, but he certainly fits the ‘odd’ profile.

The oddest Batman villains of all time

The Eraser

Did you know that Batman once had to face a villain who dressed as a pencil with an eraser on the top? It seems too strange to be true, but he certainly did. It all started back in college, as the Eraser, aka Lenny Fiasco, went to school with Bruce Wayne. Lenny was harshly mocked by his classmates for always being wrong; this is where his nickname came from, as he would always use an eraser to correct his mistakes. However, Lennie took this and used it to support the villains of Gotham. He wears a helmet that looks like the Eraser on the end of a pencil. It can be used to cover anything up, with its special compound that can even remove footprints. The Eraser had a gripe with Batman because he loved a girl called Celia Smith, however, in Lenny’s mind, Bruce ruined his chances at being with her. Bruce didn’t even remember her name, which made him even angrier. Imagine fighting a guy dressed as a pencil!

Ten eyed man

It’s probably worth mentioning that this villain’s name is misleading, as he’s actually referring to his fingertips. This is because he’s very skilled in a variety of things, including martial arts and being a quick-fingered thief. His real name is Philip Reardon, but the name comes from a variety of coincidental happenings that led Reardon to choose his name. We guess his foes felt like he had eyes in the back of his head. Initially a war veteran, Reardon came across Batman, who mistook him for an enemy which led to an explosion that resulted in the loss of Reardon’s sight. This fostered a hatred for Batman that would last.

The oddest Batman villains of all time


This probably sounds strange from the offset, but he has a good reason to be called ‘Ratcatcher’ – that was genuinely his job. However, he has a serious affinity with these rats; he can communicate with them and have them do his bidding. He manages to use these creatures to do numerous things in his favor, which has caused a disturbance in Gotham on more than one occasion. Many fans view this villain as being massively underrated, since being able to control all rats is quite a powerful tool, particularly in a city. However, writers haven’t made him anything more than a pest.

We don’t expect these strange foes to make an appearance on the big screen, but they can be found in Batman comics and the animated series.