The best science fiction movies ever made

If you love films with far away places and futuristic technology, then you probably love science fiction films. These types of films have been around for many years and some of them became blockbusters. The following are some of the best science fiction movies ever made, so you better take some notes.


Alien was released on the big screen in 1970. It’s a science fiction classic. It was directed by Ridley Scott and the story follows the crew of commercial space tug called Nostromo who encounter aggressive aliens on the ship. The spaceship is really huge, and you are introduced to some of the most terrifying creatures while the ship tries to return to Earth with its seven-member crew. During their trip back, they discover signals that come from an alien ship and enter it, losing communication with Nostromo. The film is complete with great heroes who are trying to save the spaceship.

The best science fiction movies ever made

The Abyss

Even though most of these sci-fi movies take place in far away galaxies, The Abyss finds alien life from that is living at the bottom of the ocean on Earth. It’s a 1989 science fiction film which was made by James Cameron. The story is about a nuclear submarine that sinks in the Caribbean Sea under mysterious circumstances. A crew is formed to take part in a top secret recovery operation in the ocean. Among the crew are the actors Ed Harris and M.E. Mastrantonio, who were formerly married and now have to work together in this operation.

E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. was produced by Steven Spielberg, and was a favorite among children when it was released. In this movie, the aliens are so very cute. This film creates a cute alien that needs to be protected by kids, who befriend the alien. It’s a heartwarming story, in which some alien botanists visit Earth in a secret operation in order to gather plant specimens in a vast forest in California. When some government agents appear in the area, the aliens run to their spaceship, but one of them stays back, and he has no idea how to get back home. Young Elliot finds him and tries to keep him in his room secretly. Elliot discovers that he can communicate with the creature telepathically, and they soon become friends. But eventually, the little alien has to return home.

The best science fiction movies ever made

2001: A Space Odyssey

This is a 1968 British fiction film, which was directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick. This movie is very impressive; it has some amazing space scenes, as well as some horror because of a deranged computer. In a vast desert in Africa, many years ago, a peculiar tribe is fighting with another one. They soon awaken to find a black monolith, and they actually discover how to use weapons made out of stones in order to hunt and survive. Four million years, forward in time, Dr. H. Floyd goes to a space station before heading to the moon. There, he find some scientists from Russia who want to pick Floyd’s brain.

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