5 inspiring young women who are leading the way in STEM

Since the dawn of time, men have dominated the STEM industry. They have found themselves at the top of the charts in terms of science, technology, engineering, and math, and women have always fallen short. This is not because they are not talented or innovative enough to make their mark, but because they have rarely been given the opportunity to show off what they know. Thankfully, times are now changing, and women are now showcasing their talent on a global scale. As if that wasn’t enough, young women are now making their entrance and showing everyone else how it’s done…

Sasha Ariel Alston

If you recognize this name, that’s probably because Sasha Ariel Alston is a huge name in the world of STEM. Not only is she a published author, but she’s also a game developer. Sasha realized during her childhood and her early career experience that there were very few opportunities for women to succeed in the STEM industry. Not only was this the case for women, but also women of color. Sasha made it her mission to make a name for herself, and she has since done just that.

5 inspiring young women who are leading the way in STEM

Samantha John

Samantha John has always been interested in the world of engineering and technology but found her true passion in the form of coding while she was studying at Columbia University. During her coding career, Samantha realized that women were often put down, and they were made to feel as though they weren’t welcome in that field. Because she wasn’t taken seriously, Samantha John wanted to make sure that any future female coders wouldn’t go through the same thing. To do this, she co-founded a learn-to-code app that allows beginners to learn from their phones.

Cassidy Williams

Cassidy Williams currently works as the head of Developer Voice Programs, which should show you that she’s pretty serious about STEM. Growing up, Williams was fascinated by technology and computers and soon found herself falling in love with coding and hacking. However, her path to success was scattered with stereotypes, as many people stood in her way because she didn’t look like your “typical” developer. She made it her mission to overcome these boundaries, and that’s exactly what she has done.


Pooja Chandrashekar

After being raised by two engineers, there was no doubt about the fact that Pooja Chandrashekar would make her own mark on the world of STEM. After falling in love with the world of computer science, Pooja realized that women were a rare addition to her classes and that these classes weren’t made to be hugely accessible to females. She decided to change that and created a competition called ProjectCSGIRLS. This competition is for middle school girls who want to show off their computer science background and talent.

5 inspiring young women who are leading the way in STEM

Sabrina London

Although you may know her as Sabrina London, you may also know this young lady as the founder of STEM You Can! This initiative has taken the world by storm, thanks to its amazing mission. London and her team hope to use their voices to raise awareness of STEM subjects for young girls and hope to motivate them to study the sciences by making it more fun and accessible to everyone. She started the initiative – which began as a summer camp – when she was just 15 years old. As one of just four young women in her honors chemistry class, she realized that something needed to change. So, she decided to change it.

Could you be the next woman inspiring a new generation of STEM students?

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