4 things that you didn’t know about Stranger Things

Created by Matt and Ross Duffer, Stranger Things is considered one of Netflix’s most popular and successful TV series ever. It blends 1980s nostalgia, supernatural horror, and timeless fictional stories delivered by gifted actors David Harbour and Winona Ryder, alongside a cast of charismatic child actors. In summer 2016, Stranger Things became a hit show streaming on Netflix.

The mythology of The Upside Down, the scary world explored in the first season, was expanded by the second season of Stranger Things. Eleven received a big city overhaul, and the Dustin/Steve bromance matured. We are all eagerly awaiting the much anticipated season three. In the meantime, let’s take a look at four things that you didn’t know about Stranger Things.

4 things that you didn’t know about Stranger Things

1. 307 girls and 906 boys auditioned for the roles

Casting director Carmen Cuba and the Duffer brothers embarked on the enormous task of auditioning a total of 1213 child actors for the main roles in the series. The child actors were asked to read various scenes from the pilot episode in addition to scenes from Stand By Me. From the huge numbers, it is easy to see that they extended the net wide enough to find the perfect young actress to play the role of Eleven. And, in spite of the large pool of child actors who tried out, Gaten Matarazzo was cast as Dustin instantly – brilliant move!

Apparently, Gaten was performing on Broadway before he landed the role of Dustin. He asserts that he wishes to land a role in Phantom of the Opera some day.

2. Millie Bobby Brown once showed up on set inexplicably covered in glitter

There is no doubt that dealing with a young cast can pose a number of unique challenges. The Duffer brothers are fond of telling the story of the day that production had to be halted briefly when Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, showed up to set covered entirely in glitter. No one ever figured out the actual origin of the glitter.

3. The show is inspired by a real time travel project

We don’t know of any trans dimensional horror beasts charging through tranquil suburban towns, but Stranger Things is based on real conspiracy theories regarding the U.S. government carrying out reality-bending tests on children.

The experiment is specifically known as the Montauk Project, and it has also been addressed in other works of fiction, such as Bleeding Edge. Initially, the show was known as Montauk and it took place on the periphery of the Long Island Peninsula.

4 things that you didn’t know about Stranger Things

4. Bob Newby nearly had a different fate

Bob Newby, the lovable character played by Sean Astin, gave season two a riddle master as well as a moral scope. However, since his creation, the character evolved in many ways. In the beginning, the Duffer brothers weren’t certain whether they truly wanted Astin for the role. The reason is that, while he remains a living nod to The Goonies, the actor was thought to be too much of a geek icon.

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There were plans to kill him off in the early stages of the show, but Astin and the character proved to be too good to be killed. What’s more surprising is how they wanted to eliminate him: Bob was supposed to be murdered by Will. Evil Will was meant to appear earlier in the season and dispose of the guy dating his mom. Gladly, the plan was changed and Astin persuaded the Duffer brothers to hand him a gruesome death. Ultimately, Bob died a hero!

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